PCT Day 33... Break Away, Change, Rooster, and Speedy


Today was a short day of hiking, only 20.8 miles, which meant that I could sleep in a little. I was the first of the group to leave camp at 6:30. It was a beautiful day of hiking, stunning scenery, and great weather. 

I hiked mainly on my own, not seeing any of our group until around 2:00 in the afternoon. I was stopped at a water source, relaxing when Oliver came hiking up. He joined me in filling up water.  He told me that the part of our group that had not made it to camp last night, had stopped about a half mile before, and joined another group who had built a fire.


 Oliver and I hiked the last 5 miles together and reached camp at 4:00 p.m. We were the first ones to arrive at our campsite. It was the earliest time that I had stopped so far this trek. We took our time setting up our tents and filling up water from a nearby stream. We had to keep ourselves from just sitting down and eating dinner, because we knew we would soon be hungry again before we went to bed.


About 6:00 the majority of the group hiked into camp including Break Away, Change, Rooster, and Speedy. Soon after they had made dinner, Rooster built a fire and we sat around it visiting. Most of the group gave Change a hard time when he pulled out his cooking pot since he does not clean it after using it; rather he just makes sure to boil water in it before the next meal, calling it clean. Eventually, the last two members of the group hiked into camp and we talked about our favorite Cliff Bars (mine is cool mint) and the plan for the next few days.

It was great to be sharing a campfire with a bunch of awesome people. Not a bad start to the Sierras.

Tent site to Dutch Meadow Spring

Miles Hiked: 20.8

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