PCT Day 80... Hiking in Washington


Around 3 in the morning, I woke up and could not seem to fall back asleep. I noticed that it was drizzling, so I put up my tarp. It was almost an hour and a half before I fell back to sleep. An hour later, my alarm went off, and I packed up. Jumper got up a little later and was packing up when I hit the trail.


The first part of the day was all downhill, and it was completely cloudy. I crossed a few big streams when I got to the bottom of the mountain with cool steel bridges.

It was about 12 when Jumper caught up to me and passed me. He hikes faster than me but has to stop to filter water. I caught back up to him an hour later when he was stopped for a break. I joined him, but it was cold when I stopped hiking, so I did not stay long.

It continued to be foggy and cloudy, but not wet. 

Around 3:40 pm, I came across some awesome trail magic. A family was set up at the campground making up sloppy joes. They had a blazing fire going, and there were a couple of other thru hikers, Swiss Mist, Lone Wolf, and Irish. Jumper came up about 20 min. behind me. As he was signing the log, he saw that Mustang had come through here a week ago. Mustang had hiked with Lucky Hat before skipping from Kearsarge pass to Sonora pass. 


I did not want to leave, but I had already spent too much time there, and I left at 4:20 pm. It was still foggy, but now there was rain, that made things much colder. I hiked along what was supposed to be a ridge with amazing views, but with all the fog you could not tell.

I reached camp at 7 pm and set up my tarp. I could tell it was going to be a windy and wet night. I was alone, so after eating, I hit the sack.

Overall, not the most beautiful day out on the trail. But thanks to the trail magic still a good day.


Miles Hiked: 32.9

Tent site to Blue Lake

Location:  Latitude: 45.98344; Longitude: -121.79466