PCT Day 79... Race Across Washington


I woke up at 7:30 and I really did not want to get moving because it felt so good to just lay there on a soft bed, but I knew I needed to get going. I packed up my gear and went upstairs. For breakfast, I had the burger that I got to go last night. It was not bad the day after. With breakfast complete, David took me to the grocery store to resupply before proceeding back to the trail. I am pretty sure I bought too much food, but better too much than too little when it comes to food.

After resupplying, on the way to the trail head, he took me down by the river to see the wind-surfing. Hood River is the wind-surfing capital of the world and it sure looked like fun.

Back at the trailhead, I said goodbye to David and thanked him for everything. It was too short of a visit and I will have to make my way back out here to see him again, and maybe do some windsurfing.


I packed up all my food and was about to start my way across the Bridge of the Gods, when I met Cliff Jumpers, or Jumpers for short. Jumpers is a Nobo; the first hiker, who did not skip the Sierras, who I have met in quite a while. He is trying to get to the Canadian border in just 14 days, before starting law school.

I share that same goal. So begins the race to get all of the way across the State of Washington in two weeks.  It will be tough; but with school starting, it is a goal that I need to meet.

Location: Latitude: 45.79566; Longitude: -121.99023