PCT Day 78... Feeling Blessed

Update from LLC K-9 Comfort dogs in El Paso:

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My goal was to get to the border of Washington and Oregon as quickly as possible.  I was to meet up with two people my Dad works with who live near the Pacific Crest Trail at Hood River.


It was another beautiful day of hiking as the trail continued to follow the ridge towards the Columbia River. It was kind of hazy due to some smoke blowing down from a fire in Washington, somewhere in the distance. Initially, I was going to fill up water at a spring less than a mile from camp, but I walked right past without seeing it.  I also missed the next water source and ended up hiking 10 miles with less than a half liter of water. Thankfully, it was cool and I made sure not to miss the third water source, Wahtum Lake. After filling up. I climbed up to get back to the top of the hill and hiked on a nearly flat stretch along the ridge before beginning the descent toward town.


It was a steep downhill hike to the Columbia River Valley and I was very glad to be going down the trail and not up.

I arrived at the road at 2:30 pm and called Jon, who was going to come and pick me up. After calling, I sat down and waited. A lady came over and without saying anything, she gave me an apple and some crackers which I very much appreciated.  Jon picked me up at 3:00 and took me to his house where I showered and did some laundry. He had a scale and I took the chance to weigh myself.  I started out the trail at 175 lbs. I now weigh 154 lbs. So that was something.  I don’t have much more to lose, so hopefully I stay about the same weight for the rest of the summer. Jon had to run and meet some friends, so I sat on his back porch and relaxed with his dog Duke hanging out with me.


After Jon came back, we walked to meet up with the others for dinner. When we got there, I met David and his wife, Sunny.

Man! What a dinner! We had great food and great company! David insisted that I get more than one thing so he could tell my dad that he had bought me a few meals. I happily complied. Getting a salad, chicken wings, and the steak special with a side of fries, cobbler for dessert, and when we finished, a hamburger to go.  This is the best eating that I have had on the entire PTC!

Jon's fiancé joined us after she finished traveling for business. She works as an airlines pilot. We talked and ate till almost 9 pm. Afterwards, I went home with David and Sunny to stay at their house for the night. David’s house is probably one of the coolest houses I have ever seen. I stayed on the ground floor. They had a sauna and a nice bath tub, so before hitting the sack, I sat in the sauna and then took a soak in the bath. It was about 10:30 before I got to bed.


Tent site to Hood River

Miles Hiked: 25.8

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