PCT Day 77... Sun Kissed and Blue Jay


I slept in today until 7:30 am, the latest I have slept all summer. I packed up my stuff and went downstairs to the kitchen before heading out of the lodge. Steve had told me that he would leave me some food for breakfast before he went to his other job. He had left me two breakfast tacos! I ate them while walking over to the grocery store to buy the food needed to get me to Cascade Locks.


I bought a day and a half worth of food. From the grocery store, I walked to the bus stop and caught a ride to Timberline Lodge, where I could get back on the trail. I was hiking by 9 am. The first 6 miles or so were spent skirting around Mt. Hood. It was a very impressive mountain offering year around skiing.

Around 2 pm there was a massive uphill climb that was both steep and hot. I stopped to fill up water at a stream and could feel the sweat running down my back. At the stream, I met Sun Kissed and Blue Jay, both Sobos. Blue Jay was from a town called Fredericksburg, Texas, just down the road from Austin. We talked about Texas A&M.  She had two kids who had gone to school there, both earning their masters degrees. Sun Kissed asked why I did not have an accent like Blue Jay being from Texas and all. I replied that Austin and Fredericksburg were very different places. Blue Jay agreed.


After completing the climb, the trail followed a ridge for the rest of the day offering great views. 

I passed a couple patches of blueberries and some raspberry bushes and stopped to pick some as I went.

Today, I did not have any mosquitoes to deal with, but there were swarms of small black flies. I stopped at a water source an hour before camp and ran into two Sobos who were eating dinner there and were covered with bug nets. They said that the flies had been after them for the past 2 days, but they did not see any before Wahtum Lake.

I got to camp at 6:15 pm and was the only one there as I set up and ate dinner. Around 7:15, I got into my bivy and was about to start writing up the blog when two other hikers joined me at the tent site. One a Nobo hiking Oregon and the other a Sobo thru hiker.

The Sobo cowboy camped near me and we talked about football for a while. He had dropped out of college.  He then traveled to Australia and worked in Sydney for a couple of years and now has come out here to hike.

Cascade Ski lodge to tent site

Miles Hiked: 24.8

Location: Latitude: 45.48892; Longitude: -121.85864