PCT Day 75... Trail Magic


At some point in the night, one of the weekend hikers woke up and made a good deal of noise.  They had forgotten about their smellables and were struggling to put up their bear bag in the dark.

I began my daily routine at 5:30 am. I was out of camp by 6:00. Today the trail worked its way north through the forest. It was a hot day without a cloud in the sky. 


Hiking was relatively uneventful until about 3 pm, when I reached a place called Little Crater Lake.  Little Crater Lake is an incredible little lake that is super deep and super clear. I spent about 15 minutes by the lake enjoying the panorama. Once I started hiking again, I hit a dirt road that had a sign for trail magic. I walked over to some cars parked nearby and indeed there was trail magic - sodas, burritos, and chips. I relaxed there for about 30 minutes, meeting Twerk and guy named Seven, along with some other hikers. Out of the 8 hikers there, I was the only Nobo thru-hiker.

After hitting the trail again, I stopped at a spring to fill up water. As I was filling up, my foot slipped into the water, which made for a squishy hour of hiking. 


My next milestone was a road, where I could hitch into a town called Government Camp.  I planned to spend the night near the road and hitch into town in the morning. When I arrived, there was more trail magic, Gatorade and snacks.  As I sat eating, a lady and her daughter, who set up the trail magic for us, came over and we talked. It turns out that the daughter had hiked the Appalachian Trail when she was 17 years old just like me. She had thru hiked the AT in 2013.  After visiting for a while, I was very fortunate and they offered me a ride into town. 


When they dropped me off, I walked across town to the Cascade Ski Club. This is a great place to stay. Here, I was one of two staying the night in the bunk room. The man running the place, Steve, was awesome and he let me use the staff washer and dryer. He also very kind and let me eat what I wanted of the leftovers from the dinner they had served. It was a great place to stay!  The other hiker there was named Breaking Bad, and we talked until late about what was to come for him going south.

Tent site to Cascade Ski Lodge.

Miles Hiked: 31 

Location: Latitude: 44.90610; Longitude: -121.74870