Texas A&M


On Sunday I went to church, said hello to Bethany Lutheran’s Comfort Dogs, and then headed home to finish packing up. I said goodbye to my family and to our dog Sunny. My Mom and Grandma drove to College Station. We left Austin at 11:30 am, less than 48 hours from arriving from Washington.


We stopped at Bastrop at Buc-ee’s to fill up gas and to grab some lunch. For all those who do not know what Buc-ee’s are, they are a massive gas stations that are almost like a grocery stores. They have over 50 gas pumps, almost all of them full and more toilets than any other bathroom I have ever been in.


We reached A&M at about 2 pm. I got to see the house that I was going to stay at for the first time. I am sharing a house with Brandon and Joel. Brandon and I were both in Boy Scout Troop 505 together. After unloading the little I brought with me, we went to Academy. My brother Max and Dad brought pretty much everything I needed for college to the house already. At Academy, I bought socks, the one thing I did not have any of. From there, we went to HEB to buy food and ended up buying way more than I thought, but I am sure we will eat all of it.


Before leaving, my Mom made up some great spaghetti and Brandon joined us for dinner. Soon after dinner, my Mom and Grandma headed home. About 45 minutes after they left, I was putting my bike back together. I had removed the tires so I could fit in the car. I realized that I had left a critical piece of the bike in the car. It was too late for them to turn around, so I suddenly did not have any means of getting to school.  I was figuring out the nearest bus route, when Brandon offered to let me use his bike, which I gratefully accepted.

I ended the day by shaving, it took quite a bit to trim it, then shave it off.  All in all, it was a 40 min process.

Austin, TX to College Station, TX