Sunny, My Comfort Dog


I spent the night down the street at my grandparent’s house. I slept till 9 am and woke up to a breakfast of eggs and bacon. It was good to be home. I was very sleepy still and after cleaning up, I walked down to my house.

My sister, Kate with Sunny at two months old

My sister, Kate with Sunny at two months old

Once home, I said hello to my other siblings Jonathan, Joshua, and Max. Thanks to Max and my Dad, I did not have a lot to get ready for school. They had taken most of my stuff down to College Station already and set up my room. My Dad was concerned about our dog Sunny; he did not look very good and had not been eating for a couple of days.  Dad and Max took him to the vet.

While they were at the vet, I got the chance to talk with my friends who live next door. We talked about my trip and what they had been up to this summer. It was nice to relax a before getting the stuff I needed to do done.

I was sitting at the counter at in the kitchen when my Dad called my Mom with news from the vet. It was not good.  Sunny, our 11-year-old Golden Retriever, had a ruptured spleen and might have cancer. It was not good at all. The vet did seem fairly positive as she told us the options.

I drove up to the vet to help take Sunny to the Emergency Hospital in anticipation of surgery. When we took him in, we sat in the waiting room for nearly 2 hours. While my Dad waited, I went over to buy school supplies.  When I came back, the news was worse. It was a sad day. Sunny could have surgery and, if successful, he would have 1-3 months to live, but the doctor did not think he would make it through the surgery. Without surgery, he would maybe make it to Monday. It was heart breaking; we all love him so much.


After getting a chance to visit him in the hospital kennel, my Dad and I headed home, not sure what to do. A couple of hours later, my Dad decided to bring Sunny home. Bonnie and Riley came over for dinner.  When Sunny was home, he was much happier than when I had said goodbye at the hospital. We walked him down to our Grandparents house. Max grilled up some steaks and we had a nice dinner and afterward, we all looked through my photos from the summer.

Life is full of the unexpected, not all of it is good.


Location: Austin, TX