PCT... Homebound

Today, I woke up for the first time in a while, with the knowledge that I did not have to do anymore hiking. It was a nice feeling. I packed up all my stuff as last night I had set all my gear to air out and dry on the porch. For breakfast, I had a leftover calzone, which after a quick heating up in the microwave, was pretty good. Today the only thing there was to do was travel home.

The plan was to drive from Winthrop to Seattle, fly to Denver and catch a connecting flight back to Austin.

On the drive to down to Seattle we followed the Colombia River passing orchard after orchard filled to the brim with ripe fruit about to be harvested. It was beautiful, apples, pears, peaches, and black berries.

The plan was to drive through Snoqualmie Pass.  As we were driving on Hwy 97 down to Hwy 90, we saw a sign that said delay head vehicle fire. Not 5 minutes later we hit a stand still line of cars. As we sat there, we saw some people driving our way so we thought that we may be able make it through. Soon we saw people making a U-turns and a lady called out to us saying it would be 2 hours. Since we did not have two hours to sit there, we also made a U-turn and went through Stevens Pass instead. It was a pretty drive through the Cascades with mountains on both sides.

We only stopped once, that was to fill up gas.


We made it to Seattle at 3:00 pm and there was a good amount of traffic as we neared the airport. It was cool as we drove up to the departure area, we could see Mt. Rainer off in the distance. My Dad dropped my Mom and I off so we could check the bags, while he went to drop off the car.

The plane lifted off on time. I was headed out of Washington with the next stop Denver, Co.  On the plane, I found out that Southwest has free movies to watch so I started watching Captain Marvel.

We made it to Denver at 7:30ish and we had a bit before our next flight, so we got dinner. I had Einstein’s Bagels and got a bbq chicken bagel which was pretty good.

We were able to get seats together again and we were sitting on the plane for what seemed like a long time when over the speaker we were informed that due to some until now unnoticed damage to the plane, we could not fly it to Austin. But there was another plane heading to Austin that would be at the airport in about an hour. So, we disembarked and walked over to the gate right next to us found some seats and waited.

We boarded the third plane at 11 pm mountain time, which meant Austin time it was 12 pm. This time the plane did take off. Turns out that not all the planes had the same movies and so I could not finish Captain Marvel and instead watched Hunter Killer a fictional movie about a Russian coupe and an American submarine. The movie reminded me of a Jack Ryan Novel.

We finally landed in Austin at 3 am, after picking up our luggage, we caught an Uber back to our house.

The Uber driver was super funny and wide awake, which was good since we were definitely not. We made it home at 3:45 am.

Seattle, WA to Austin, TX