PCT Day 93... Canada!


My Dad and I woke up at 4 am and drove the hour and a half out to the trail by 6 am. That way I would start on the trail at the same time I would normally, losing no time by staying the night in town. Before heading out, we had a bowl of oatmeal and a banana. As we were about to walk out to the car at 4:25, my Mom got up to see us off. 


I was ready to get on the trail to complete the last 62ish miles!

The drive back to the trail was mostly on a single lane dirt road to Hart’s Pass. Dad and I talked as we drove.  While visiting, all of a sudden we got to a place where it was a shear drop on one side and mountain on the other. It was quite the view even at 5:30.  We could see where there had been a recent burn that had caused the last section of trail to be closed towards the end of the 2017 hiking season. 


We reached Harts Pass Campground at 6 am and started hiking. My Dad was going to hike for part of the day with me before heading back to the cabin with Mom. It was great to have someone to hike with again. It has been about a week since I hiked with Jumper. The time flew by and the views were amazing. The trail was mostly exposed and you could see for miles. After hiking about 9 miles my Dad decided to head back. Not 5 minutes after he turned around, it started to rain. It was not a hard rain at first, but it was on and off all day. The clouds rolled in and the good views were covered up. 

All the people I ran into after it started to rain did not look like they were have much fun. I kept my spirts knowing that I was only one day away from not having to worry about what the weather was going to do, since I was going to be done.

I hiked nonstop until I made it to the Canadian Border. When I made it to the Border at 5 pm, I met two other thru hikers, Trail Magic and Black Widow. The rain had stopped just before I hit the border and I was able to take a rest and a photo during a break in the weather. Trail Magic and Black Widow had flipped around the Sierras and were now going to head back to get them done. They shared that they had just met a guy who had set up his tent at Hart’s Pass and hiked the 62 miles there and back in one go. 


Although at the Border, it did not feel like the end, because it was not. I still had 31 miles to hike before my I could say I was finished. I walked into Canada and grabbed a rock.  I got back on the trail heading south intentionally for the first time since backtracking to fill up water in the desert. My goal was to get about 7 miles south to a lake where I could camp for the night. Soon after I started hiking again, the rain picked up and lasted for the entire 2 hours that I hiked to the lake. I was soaked. I was able to keep my chest and phone dry, but most of my gear got pretty wet. The rain stopped just before the lake and I was able to find a sheltered spot near another tent where I could set up. It was nice to set up without the rain. While I was setting up my tent, Trail Magic and Black Widow hiked up and it turned out the other tent was theirs. We talked about food that we could no longer stand after eating it so much. For her, it was corn tortillas. She had hiked a lot of the trail the in 2018 and for the two months, every day for lunch, she had corn tortillas and tuna.

I decided to skip dinner and get into my sleeping bag as quick as possible since it was so cold and wet. Even though my hiking shorts were wet, I put on my long johns over them so they might dry out as I slept. I was in bed around 8:15, and the rain started again soon after. It was heavy, but since there was no wind, I stayed dry. My tent can handle rain or wind but not both at the same time.

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Miled Hiked: 37.4

Hart’s Pass to Hopkins Lake

Canada’s Border: Latitude: 49.00024; Longitude: -120.80206

Campsite: Latitude: 48.92579; Longitude: -120.76595