PCT Day 91... Mice in the Night


Around 2 am I woke up suddenly. As I was falling back to sleep, I heard the sound of something skittering across my sleeping pad.  It took a few seconds to realize that it was a mouse. Since I was cowboy camping, I decided to pitch my tarp and bivy so that the mice could not crawl on me. It took about 10 minutes for me to pitch it, thankfully the moon was out and I had some light to work by. Soon after I crawled in and had laid down, I felt a mouse on the bivy near my legs. Glad that I had set up my shelter, I tried to fall back to sleep. I had a hard time sleeping and when my alarm went off, I slept about 10 minutes longer.


Even getting up early, I was still the first one out of camp at 6:30. It was a cloudy morning till the sun came out and burned away the low lying clouds. The first 10 miles were a gentle downhill stroll and it felt good on my knees not to be starting off with a major climb or descent. There were only two major climbs today, both of them were not too bad.

I had to put on slightly damp socks this morning, and when I stopped for lunch and took off my shoes, it was quite the smell. I let my shoes and feet air out while eating a meal of habanero bbq almonds and sour patch kids.  Like yesterday, around 2 pm, I had the same feeling of an upset stomach and lack of energy that lasted about 2:30 hours.

The last part of the day was spent hiking down to and along the Angus creek. It was easy going and I was very glad since the lack of sleep from last night was hitting me. I pushed on.


I reached the campsite for the evening and was the only one there. After setting up camp, I had dinner. There were only a few mosquitoes, but plenty of flies to make up for them. I climbed back into my bivy around 7:30 

From where I set up camp, I have less than 100 miles to go to the border and I have 3 more days of hiking left to do it.

Miles Hiked: 32.6

Vista Creek to tent site

Location: Latitude: 48.35278; Longitude: -120.88863