PCT Day 90... I Can See Clearly Now


I woke up to one of the clearest mornings in Washington. It was beautiful. Tim and Denise were up around the same time. As I was about to hit the trail, Tim gave me some of his extra snacks including Snickers, beef jerky, cheese sticks and some trail mix. I was very grateful and I wished them safe travels as I hit the trail.


The day was full of amazing views and tough terrain. I hiked up, then down, then repeated the process a few more times. For two miles, it was more like a stream than a trail, followed by an overgrown section, all making for some difficult hiking.

About an hour after lunch, I hit a spectacular lake called Mica Lake. I took a 15 minute break by its bank. Shortly after the lake, the trail went down about a thousand switch backs before repeating the process to get to the top of the other side. On way down, I had a terrible feeling in my stomach and had to sit down for a few minutes. The feeling last for about 3 hours and it really slowed down my pace.

I reached camp at 7:10 and there were quite a few other hikers already there.  They were all Nobos who had flipped around the Sierras. I spent the evening talking. Bubbles was from Austin too, which was super cool.  He and a guy named Dirty Harry and another guy had all hiked the AT together in 2017 – the same year I had. They had all camped together last night and had done 3 miles to Mica Lake and then took a 3 hour break, so they did 3 miles by 9 am.


It was a rough day physically, but one of the prettiest since the Sierras. My knees really felt the downhills. It is crazy to have such little time left to hike out here.  I am looking forward to being done but at the same time knowing that I am really going to miss it.

White Pass to Vista Creek

Miles Hiked: 33.2  

Location: Latitude: 48.16853; Longitude: -121.07558