PCT Day 89... Handful of Days


I awoke to a dense fog that enveloped the area where I camped.  Looking out from my tent, all I could see was white. It was not very cold as I packed up, but cold enough for me to put on my rain jacket. I hit the trail at 6:10 and continued to wear my rain jacket for the first couple hours. 

The low clouds and fog stuck around until noon. I spent the first half my day hiking up and down the mountains, but not really seeing anything.  Around 11:00, I stopped to fill up water at a lake just off the trail.  While at the water’s edge, I decided to take a break, it was amazingly peaceful. 

After noon, the sky cleared and the views became outstanding. It was tough rugged hiking, but the views were remarkable and kept me going.  I had to keep stopping every couple miles to readjust the sole of my shoe as it keeps sliding out of place.  My shoes are getting pretty worn.


I made it to White Pass, my end destination for the day. At 6:15 and found a place to set up near two other hikers. Their names were Tim and Denise and they out here to climb Glacier Peak. That explains why I saw other hikers with ice axe and crampons. Tim and Denise had climbed all the volcanic mountains in Washington. They were super nice and gave me one of their extra Mountain House meals, so I had warm beef stew for dinner. It was great especially since it was cold and windy at the site. While we ate, they told me of their trips biking the 200 mile long STP Seattle to Portland route.  In their first attempt, they complete the trek in two days, but the next year they trained hard and did it in one. It takes me about 7 days to do 200 miles on foot. After eating they also took my trash as well. I was super grateful, full, warm, and content with a good conversation. 

I climbed into my sleeping bag around 7:40. I can count on one hand now how many more days I will be on the trail this summer  

Tent site to White Pass

Miles Hiked: 32.2  

Location: Latitude: 48.03345; Longitude: -121.14886