PCT Day 72... Bear Tails


I woke at the normal time to more bugs than when I went to sleep. I packed up quickly and hit the trail before anyone else camped nearby had started to move, and I hit the trail at 6 am.

It was a fairly uneventful day of hiking, just me and the miles. I passed a good deal of south bounders and 3-4 nobos. It was about as normal of a day as any.

I took a 20-minute break around noon at my last resupply to let my feet air out. I did not buy lunch, just snacks to replace the calories. After getting moving again, I saw the tail end of a bear. It was on the left side of the trail moving uphill. As I tried to get closer, it got scared and ran up the hill out of sight. It was a very skittish, medium-sized black bear. It was the first bear I have seen on the PCT, a sharp contrast to the AT where I saw around ten bears.


I reach my destination for the day about a mile after passing Sister Mirror Lake. The sight had a great view of the South Sister Mountain. There was a guy there when I arrived. He had camped down by the lake but wanted to have dinner where he could look out at the mountain. We talked as I set up camp. He was section hiking Oregon bit by bit each summer for a week or two each year. I thought passing the lakes would mean fewer bugs, but nope. The Mosquitoes were out in full force. Soon after had finished setting up, the guy headed back to his camp.  After eating the Mountain House the lady gave me last night, I dove into my bivy sack to get out of the bugs.

Charlton Lake to tent site

Miles Hiked: 35.5

Location: Latitude: 44.04906; Longitude: -121.80988