PCT Day 87... Dirt Bag

I woke less than a minute before my alarm went off at 5:30. The lady who had camped near me was also an early riser and she started packing up at the same time.

Today was a fairly normal day of hiking. The scenery was incredible.  I ran into a guy who was taking a break at an epic spot and he joked that he could not decide which way to face the view as it was so good all around.


I forgot to mention yesterday, how when I first got to camp, I ran into a guy whose trail name was Dirt Bag.  Dirt Bag was hiking Sobo.  I had met him in Idyllwild on my first off day, way back on day 8 of the trail, and at the time he was a Nobo. Before hiking the Sierras, he had flipped up to Washington to hike Sobo in an effort to miss the snow.  I did not expect to see him after so long, but the trail has a way of having familiar faces pop up again in different places than you expect.


As I was hiking today, I broke my one good trekking pole while I was crossing a stream where the bridge had washed out. I slipped on a rock and my trekking pole was in the water between two rocks and as I slipped forward my trekking pole snapped. I got both shoes fully submerged as well. I took a 30 minute break to dry out my feet, socks, and shoes the best I could. I hiked the rest of the day without a trekking pole.

At 7:20, I stopped and made camp. It was a breezy evening. There were some people camped a little ways away in a meadow, but too far to visit. Soon after eating, I hit the sack.

I have 6 more days of hiking left and 214 miles to hike.  I am doing pretty well and think I can finish.

Tent site to tent site

Miles Hiked: 35.4

Latitude: 47.55083; Longitude: -121.12946