PCT Day 86... Jumping Off


I cowboy camped last night, so I woke to some slightly dewy gear, but it was not too bad.  The motivation to get moving was worse. I managed it and was on the trail at 6:01 am. It was a great day to be out for a hike; sun in the sky and trail under foot. I made good time.

I hiked without break until 1 o'clock through a checkerboard of forested and replanted woods. I hiked with a goal to make it to Snoqualmie Pass as close to lunch time as possible.  I also had signal for the first time in a while, so I had the chance to talk with my family while I hiked.

I made it 22 miles to the pass by 1:20 pm.  From there, I walked to resupply at the grocery store.  Surprisingly, I ran into Jumper and his Grandpa.  He was getting ready to hit the trail after having some time with his family. I made sure to get a photo with him before he got back to it. He had hiked as he had planned, about 10 miles from the pass the night before.  However, he ended up sleeping a bit longer than he wanted, so he got to town a bit later than he hoped.


 Jumper is a great guy.  While we were hiking yesterday, he asked what my plans were for the future.  I told him my thoughts after school and expressed that I was still thinking about my options.  He shared that ‘this wise old owl’ (he is 22) thinks it is ok for a 19 year old to be unsure about what he wants to do the rest of his life.

Jumper is planning to do some heavy miles to complete his trek before law school.  So unfortunately this may be the last time that I see him this season.  We wished each other the best and after he headed back to the trail, I went into the store, ordered a pizza, and bought the food I needed. It ended up being a very expensive place to buy food, so I was thankful that I did not need a lot of it. I ate my pizza and let my phone charge.  While recharging, I took the time to order my text books for college. 


I was back on the trail at 2:40 and it was a long climb up and out of the pass. The second part of the day was much more scenic, the terrain really breathtaking.  Unfortunately, the photos just don't do it justice. After a 3 mile ascent, the trail followed the ridge and I really enjoyed the miles. 


I got to camp around 6:40. I could have kept pushing, but the next few miles and campsites were pretty exposed and the site I stayed at was wooded and sheltered. There was a lady staying there who was hiking from Stevens pass to Snoqualmie Pass. She was from Seattle and when not out hiking, she works as a financial planner. Something I notice is that when you meet day, weekend, or section hikers, they are more interested in asking you about how and what it is like hiking for months on end. Often times, I don't get to hear their stories.

After a smaller than normal dinner, since I had so much food for lunch, I wrote my blog and hit the sack around 7:40. 

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Tentsite to tentsite

Miles Hiked: 31.7 miles

Latitude: 47.46786; Longitude: -121.34595