PCT Day 84... The Simple Things


Although it looked just as foggy as it did when I hit the sack the night before, once I had gotten out of my tent and was packing up, I saw areas of blue sky and the sun was working its way out. It turned out to be the best weather I have had since entering Washington. It was still fairly cold, so I hiked the first 3 hours of the day in my rain jacket. As I hiked the weather improved steadily. 


It is incredible the difference the sun makes while you hike. I met a section hiker who hiked with me for about an hour and we talked about the simple things that you so easy miss while out for extended expeditions.  Things like not have to dig a cat hole, water you don’t have to purify, a roof when it’s raining, and trash cans. The rain seems to increase the wish to have any of those things, but when the sun comes out, it’s a lot easier to do without.

I stopped to air out my feet around lunch time and met a couple weekend hikers. They were locals and we talked about the area around and they assured me that there were many great views to be seen still ahead.  They also said that the weather report promised good weather till at least Friday, today being Monday that sounded really good to me.

The hike was a beautiful one with the trail winding along ridges with majestic canyons stretching out for miles. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The entire day was so stunning.


Around 2:00 I started running into a bunch of day hikers and knew immediately that there must be a trailhead nearby. I reached Chinook Pass where the trail crossed the highway by a cool wooden bridge. At the trailhead, I took advantage of both the pit toilet and the trash cans.

From the pass, the trail climbed up to a ridge and followed it. I ran into a couple that were hiking from Dunsmuir to Canada then flipping back and headed south. We leap frogged each other the rest of the afternoon.


Toward the end of the day I passed into light fog for the last few miles and it cooled down considerably. I made it to camp pretty early compared to the last few days, arriving at 6:30 instead of 7:30, as the next campsite was further than I wanted to push today. I camped near the section hikers I had met earlier along with another hiker. 

Everyone was intent on eating and getting into their tents, so there was not much talking. I enjoyed my normal dinner of cold soaked ramen, instant mashed potatoes, with a snickers bar for dessert, before getting into my own sleeping bag around 7:30.

Buesh Lake to tent site

Miles Hiked: 33.3

Location: Latitude: 46.96144; Longitude: -121.45279