PCT Day 83... Siblings


Today, I woke up to, exactly what I had fallen asleep to, that felt like just moments ago - a misty cold morning. I stayed dry under my tarp last night and when my alarm went off, I decided instead to hit the snooze, and I slept for another 15 minutes before getting up. I could pack up most of my gear from under my tarp, which helps on a wet morning. I was able to get on the trail by 6:15.


I hiked with my down jacket under my rain jacket for a good couple of hours. The visibility was very low and I hiked to one of the most talked about places on the trail, Goat Rocks.  I could only see about 50 feet around me. I was bummed, Goat Rocks were the most mentioned area by south bounders. I did see about five mountain goats, but they caught a look of me and ran off. It was cool hiking and I crossed a couple patches of snow.

Around 1 pm the visibility improved as I headed down towards White Pass. I had signal for the first time in a day and a half, so I could send in the blogs for the past few days.

I reached White Pass at 2 pm.  It was not hard to tell that the only place for food was Cracker Barrel, due to length of the row of packs against the outside wall. It only took about 30 minutes to resupply. But since it was warm and they had an area to sit and an outlet, I stayed for a bit. There were a bunch of other Nobos that had skipped the Sierras, but there were not any Sobos, which was surprising as there were about 15 other hikers.


I was about ready to leave when Jumper hiked up. I had pick up a sock yesterday that had been dropped on the trail and thought it might have been his.  It was his, so I gave it back. He said that he had bought me the lunch he had promised, so we split a pizza. I ended up staying longer than I should have. It was just a nice place to be on a cold and rainy day. I finally got back to the trail at 4:30.  I hiked in the cloudy, misty weather for about two and a half more hours and set up camp near Buesh Lake.


There was a grandpa, his daughter, and two granddaughters at camp when I arrived. They were super nice and we talked as I set up camp. The youngest was about five years old and she was out for her first backpacking trip. I was not too much older when I did my first trip.  My family and I had spent a few days in the Olympic Mountains here in Washington. The youngest asked me how many siblings I had. I said that I had five. She asked how I had got so many siblings. I needed to be careful how I answered, so I said my Mom and Dad had one kid and decided that five more would do nicely. Turns out that she had thought siblings referred to cats and not brothers and sisters. It was pretty funny.

I hit the sack without eating dinner, the pizza keeping me full. I definitely did not go as far as I needed or wanted to today, but it was a good day. It is crazy to think how little time I have left out here.

Tent site to Buesh Lake

Miles Hiked: 27.7

Location: Latitude: 46.69402 ; Longitude: -121.39777