PCT Day 82... Sharing


Well as soon as I started to fall asleep, the rain started pouring and there was a lot of thunder and lightning. The rain kept me up for quite a while. Thankfully, there was little to no wind and so I stayed dryer than the previous night. When I woke up, all my gear was soaked, but I stayed pretty dry in my sleeping bag. 

As I was leaving camp, Chopper came over to see what was up. I waived to him as I left.


A couple miles into today’s hike, I came to a stream crossing where you either have to cross on what looked like some sketchy logs or ford it on foot. There were two Nobos who decided to take their chance on the logs.  After watching, I decided to go up stream a bit, and walk across.  The problem was that the water was super cloudy from all of the runoff and you could not see the bottom.  While fording, the water end up being higher than my thigh. 

I caught up with the two Nobos on the other side and we hiked together until I had to answer the call of nature. It was then that I discovered the casualty the rain had claimed, my roll of toilet paper was soaked through. It was like using wet wipes.


I was hiking by a meadow when off in the side I saw Jumper drying his gear. He had hiked till 9 pm and did not start looking for a tent site until it started raining. He had gotten soaked and had no sleep to go along with the wet gear. He caught up to me after packing his gear. He told me that his goal was to average 40 miles a day to get to Rainy Pass by the 19th, and then pull a 60 mile day to get to the border on the 20th. We hiked down away from Mt. Adams and as we descended, it became foggier.


We reached a dirt road and there was trail magic! A lady was there and she had sodas and set up chairs to rest.  Jumper was almost out of food and would probably have to push on to White Pass, which would be over 50 miles for him. While we were sitting, I remembered that I had some extra food and I gave it to him.

I felt the trail magic before Jumper and hiked about 40 minutes before taking a break to dry my stuff in the sun that had finally come out. I stayed there for about 40 minutes more and Jumper passed me and said that if I made it to White Pass when he was there, he would buy me lunch.

I packed up and was back on the trail just before it started to rain again. It rained hard enough that I put on my rain jacket. It was my first time hiking with my rain gear since the Sierras. Fortunately, the rest of the day’s hiking was cloudy with not too much rain.


The last 6 miles of the day were spectacular, climbing up and over Cypress Pass. The valleys on either side of the pass were awe inspiring. I hiked about a mile down the other side of the pass and found a nice camp site near two weekend hikers named Josh and Adam. They were from Seattle and had a free weekend so they came out to hike and relax. They were super nice and asked if there was anything that I needed that they might have and they gave me a big bag of beef jerky. Josh said that it was easy to tell who was thru hiking just by the size of their pack. The thru hikers almost always have, compared to weekend hikers, small packs. Josh and Adam told me of some upcoming beautiful areas including a couple awesome place to camp. 

I got into my bivy around 8:20 with a light sprinkling of rain around me. It was a good day of hiking and so far Washington has been pretty cool!

Tent site to tent site

 Miles Hiked: 34.2

Location: Latitude: 46.21179; Longitude: -121.57085