PCT Day 81... Howdy!


Last night was the longest night so far with little to no sleep. With the wind and drizzle going all night long, I got pretty wet under my tarp. I managed to make it through the night without getting cold, even with a wet sleeping bag. I was already awake when my alarm went off, and as I packed up all my wet gear, I kept my electronics dry and that was about it. It was still foggy as I started down the trail.


About two hours in the hike, I saw the sun fighting its way through the clouds and in the distance, some blue sky. It took three more hours for the clouds to clear, and it was light again. It lifts the spirits when the sun comes out, especially when you have not seen it for almost two days. 

When you cross someone on the trail the typical thing to do is say hi and then ask how things are going. I always say Howdy! when I come across a Sobo. Today when I said Howdy!, he replied “that's what I always say”. I chuckled, then we talked briefly about the trail to come before continuing.

I took a longer lunch break to try to dry out my gear a bit, it kind of worked but was still mostly wet.

The last part of the day was spent hiking up to the base of Mt. Adams. I saw some darker clouds start to gather up above and could not see the peak of Adams because of the clouds. I took a break and I heard some thunder rumbling in the distance. I got to camp at 7:10 and there were a group of weekenders out hiking with a German Shepherd named Chopper. One of them was from San Antonio.


 They all meet up each summer to hike for a couple days. We talked about what it is like to hike for 80+ days. They started a campfire, but I had already gotten into my bivy, so I watched from under my tarp as I typed my blog. The thunder started back up again and as I hit the sack, there was some lightning mixed in. 


Blue Lake to tent site

Miles Hiked: 33.8

Location: Latitude: 46.21179; Longitude: -121.57085