PCT Day 60... Half Way!


I passed the halfway mark on the trail today! This is the distance halfway between Canada and Mexico. It also is my 60th day of hiking. Crazy, it feels like it’s been only a few weeks and not 2 whole months. Time travels fast when you are backpacking.

Today, my plan was to hike about 28 miles to a road and catch a ride into town for a quick resupply. The morning was spent hiking up to the top of a ridge, then following it until hiking down and up to another ridge. It was beautiful hiking.  While the ridges were not above tree line, ever so often there would be a break in the trees, and you could see for miles.


The trail miles passed by smoothly. A few times I had to hike over some snow patches, but nothing serious. I did not see very many people out on the trail today and most of the people I did see were section hikers. Since I spent most of the day on ridges, the water sources were off trail about a ⅓ mile and although enjoying the views, I was not paying close attention to the guidebook.  I ended up passing a water source I needed to fill up at and so hiked about 6 miles without any water. Thankfully, it was still the cool of the morning.


I stopped for a short lunch break and in the distance I believe I could see Mount Shasta. Not too long after lunch, I hit the halfway mark of the PCT. It was not as exciting as I was anticipating, but nevertheless, it marked that I have hiked 1,323.2 miles and only have that many left to go.

The last 10 miles to the road were all downhill and I made great time. I reached the road at 4:15, had to try to hitch for about 5 minutes, before a lady gave me a ride in to Chester and dropped me off at the grocery store. It did not take long at all to buy the 2.5 days worth of food I needed. Quick in and out.

After packing up all the food, I walked over to a little hamburger place and got a burger and a shake. After eating, I walked across the street to the laundry mat to hitch out of town. The guy who gave me a ride first drove by in a work truck and said he would be back in five with his car. As I waited, I talked to another hiker who was there.  He was doing laundry. I asked when he started and he replied March 15th and noted that he had skipped the Sierras.  His trail name is Turtle.

The driver returned and I was back on the trail in only 2 and a half hours, one of my fastest resupplies yet!

I hiked up the trail for a couple of miles and found a place to set up camp.  As I was finishing up my blog, another hiker came up and asked if I knew the distance to the next camp site.  I looked it up and told him that it was another 1.3 miles.  He did not seem thrilled by the distance, so I invited him to stay, there was enough space, and more than enough mosquitoes to share.  So he joined me.

Tent site to tent site

Miles Hiked: 31.5

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