PCT Day 43... A Glacier Lake Swim


Today like the previous 5 days, began with hiking up a pass. We climbed Silver Pass, which has a very easy approach, but we used micro spikes due to the ice. Once we reached the top, unlike other passes, we had to go still further up before descending. We took a break to take in and enjoy the view. The climb down was much steeper. We could see the tracks where people had glissaded down (sliding down on your feet while slowing your descent with your ice ax). We did not attempt to slide down and took the long way instead.

We hiked steadily on until 10 am, when we took a break on the edge of Purple Lake. I decided to jump in the lake. It was freezing cold, and quite a shock to the system, but all and all, felt good when you got out. It took no time at all to dry in the sun and 20 minutes later we were hiking again.


Since just after Mount Whitney, the PCT and JMT (John Muir Trail) are one trail. This means that we have seen a lot of JMT hikers and section hikers the past few days, which is nice because we can ask the South Bounders about the trail conditions coming up.


We got to camp at 3 pm. The plan is to camp tonight so that we can get to town early tomorrow, spend a lot of time there, and still be able to get back on the trail before dark. Sleeping on the trail is a lot cheaper than sleeping in town and we are all trying to save money.

We had signal at camp, which let me send the blogs for the last week, and I was able to call to wish my brother Joshua a happy 12th birthday!

We were all very tired, and went to bed early. The Sierras have been great, but they take a lot out of you physically. We needed to stretch out our food supplies and look forward to taking in some more calories tomorrow.  Each day I have no problem falling asleep even at 6:30pm.


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Tent site to Carter Creek

Miles Hiked: 19.9  

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