PCT Day 42... The Motivation of 10 McDoubles


We started today with a three mile uphill climb to the top of Selden Pass. As we hiked out of camp, we saw people who arrived after we went to bed. Lucky Hat said that they hiked in late last night, and that they took a pair of his socks he had left to air out. It took us about 2 hours to reach the top of the pass, and as we looked back, the mountains were tinged with red by the light of the sun. Absolutely beautiful! 

Oliver and I almost made it to the top of the pass without micro spikes, but we ended up putting them on 100 yards from the peak. The climb down took us to the edge of a frozen lake and then further down to the Bear Creek.


 Bear Creek was one more powerful creeks like Evolution. We hiked about 5 minutes downstream, where Lucky Hat found a place to cross.  He worked his way about halfway to a log that he could then get on top of to get the rest of the way. After seeing how challenging it was for him, Oliver and I went further upstream to a little wider spot, linked arms, and walked slowly, edging across facing the current. The river felt like ice knives on our legs it was so cold. It made no difference that I had pants on. We quickly got going again to get the warmth back into our legs.

We had a few more stream crossings today. Two had logs across them, so we did not have to get our feet wet. One crossing we hit just before camp was at the bottom of a waterfall.


We reached camp around 2:30. And after setting up, we each took naps. We are one full day hike from Mammoth Lakes, which is the next town we will hit. The plan is to hike to the nearest campsite to town and camp there tomorrow night before heading into town. Our goal is to spend the next full day in Mammoth. Lucky Hat, after looking at the town map, saw that there is a McDonalds in town and said he may go for 10 McDoubles this time. I envision a massive sandwich with fresh vegetables and a large bag of chips in my future.

We hit the sack at 6 pm to get a good night rest before getting up at 4 am. Hopefully we will not have to keep getting up so early since we are almost through all the major mountain passes.

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Miles Hiked: 20.2

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