PCT Day 67... Comfort


I woke up just before my alarm to a stunning site. The view from where I lay was awesome, with the valley cast in shadow as the sun was rising. With a view like that to wake up to, it reminded me of one of the reasons I came out here. 

As I packed up, so did the others at the site. I was not too far behind one of the other thru hikers who had stayed the night. Today the trail was well maintained and the terrain gradual, which made for a good day of hiking.


Around lunch time, I knew without looking at my guidebook that I must be close to a road.  Suddenly, I began to see a good number of day hikers and with today being Friday, many weekend backpackers as well. At the second road, there was a lady who had been out section hiking with some of her friends, but due to a bad pair of shoes, she had to get off early. Today she had come back out to pick up her friends as they came off the trail. She had brought doughnuts and fruit as trail magic for the thru hikers she met while she waited in the parking lot. The oranges she gave out were amazing, and I sat for a while and enjoyed it. 


Afterwards, I needed to use the pit toilet near the road. It was by far and away the nicest pit toilet I have ever had the pleasure to use.  I hit the trail again and passed many more day and weekend hikers.


As part of my journey this summer, I am teaming with the Lutheran Comfort Dog Ministry to help raise both awareness and funds for the comfort dogs that play an important role in helping people through challenging life and sometimes very lonely situations. Many times on the trail, I think of my golden retriever Sunny back home and wish he was on this journey with me.  If you wish, there is a link on my website where you can donate to this important ministry.

The afternoon’s hiking seemed like it went on forever, and I was feeling pretty tired. But I kept up my pace and made it to the campsite I planned on staying by 6:15. Without anyone around, things can get pretty boring. I set up my tent, added water to cold soak my dinner, ate, and typed up the day’s blog followed by some early sleep.

Tent site to tent site

Miles Hiked: 33.5

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