PCT Day 66... Castle Crags Wilderness


From where I camped, it was a five mile downhill hike to the highway to get into town. It only took me about an hour and a half to cover that distance. It was really just an access road for the highway. When I arrived, there was another guy waiting for his friends, so he had not tried to hitch. There was not much traffic this morning. After 30 minutes, Snickers and Bandit arrived. They had heard that the hostel would give you a ride even if you were not staying there. So after calling, ten minutes later we all caught a ride into town.

We were dropped off at The Wheel House, where I joined Snickers and Bandit for breakfast. It was a super cool local spot and they had a glass panel in the floor so you could see the water running under the building. I had two pancakes and two eggs with a bagel. It was not the cheapest, costing around 18 dollars in all. It reminded me why I have so seldom bought meals and why I try to minimize my time in town as it can be expensive.


It was good food shared with good company. After breakfast, we headed to Dollar General to resupply. This was one of the best stocked Dollar General’s I have been to and resupplying was done pretty quickly. Snickers and Bandit planned to stay and spend the night in town. I finished my business and walked with them towards the town center, hoping to meet someone who could give me a ride back to the trail. It turned out some other hikers were getting a ride to Shasta and the driver offered me a ride back to the trailhead.

Back on the trail, the rest of the day was spent hiking uphill.  It was not that it was all that steep, but with a freshly resupplied pack and the afternoon heat, it was a long one. I saw maybe 5 people once I started up the trail.


I reached the campsite I planned on staying at around 6:20. It was by far one of the prettiest sites on the trail. What a fantastic view. I set up my tarp and cowboy camped. I ate dinner taking in the vistas - on one side you had Mount Shasta and on the other a view back down the valley. There were 3 others camped nearby.

Tent site to tent site

Miles Hiked: 21.5

location: Latitude: 41.19801; Longitude: -122.42209

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