PCT Day 65... The Octopus


Two other people from Nirvana’s group made it to camp last night after we went to bed, and they were asleep as I packed up my gear. The only others who were awake were Snickers and Bandit, and they left camp just before I did. Nirvana was still asleep. I had to wake him up since we forgot to take a photo together. After we took a photo, I hit the trail and he went back to sleep.

Not much happened today, most of the day was spent hiking in a canyon, down and then up it. I passed Snickers and Bandit soon after leaving camp. The weather was warm and humid. About an hour after I stopped for a lunch break at the top of the canyon, I passed a sign that said The Octopus. I have no idea what it was for; the forest looked exactly the same as before. Just after the sign, I ran into a day hiker who gave me an apple. I was very grateful, especially for fresh fruit.


I got to camp at 5:30pm. I did not want to get all the way to town today since that would mean I would have to find a room somewhere, so I set up camp. There was a couple at camp who were already in their tent. We were joined by another couple who knew the others and had been on their tails for a while now and finally caught up with them.

Just before I finished the blog, Snickers came up the trail, and said hi, he was camped a little away and could see my tarp. He told me if Nirvana came up, to let him know where they were camped.

Pi Architects

Tent site to tent site

Miles Hiked: 32.5

Location: Latitude: 41.15542; Longitude: -122.26743

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