Day 63... Burney Falls


I woke up to the sound of someone hammering outside the building. I looked at my watch and saw that it was 7 am. After hitting the restroom, I walked to the grocery store and bought 4 days’ worth of food. From there, I walked back to the church and by the time I arrived, pretty much everyone was else was awake. I packed up my gear, along with the food, and headed to the laundromat, where I was the first one to start my laundry.  I changed into my rain gear, so I could put all of my clothes in the wash. 

From there, I went to the post office to pick up the package my parents sent. In the box was a new pair of shoes, a trekking pole to replace my broken one, the shelter system I used in the desert, and an air pad to help get better night’s rest. I sent home my tent and it took longer than I expected to find the right box. I ended up taking two boxes and taping them together so that I could fit my tent poles inside. 


Back at the laundromat, after my clothes were done, I was folding them up and a lady came in and asked if I was headed back to the trail and whether I needed a ride. I said yes to both. Only15 minutes later, I was headed back to the trail. There was quite a bit of construction work going on along the highway, so it took a while to get back to the trailhead. I got to the trail at 11:45.  On getting there, I met a guy named Igloo. Igloo and I hiked together for a bit before he stopped to dig a cat hole.


About 8 miles into today’s hike, I reached Burney Falls State Park. It was a short side hike to see the falls. The lady who gave me a ride said that Theodore Roosevelt once said the falls were like the 8 great wonders of the world. And they sure were incredible! Igloo caught up to me as I was admiring the water cascading down the cliffs, he planned on taking a longer break there. Back on the trail, I hiked till about 7:20, where I set up camp not too far from a spring.

It took longer than normal to set up camp, since it has been so long since the last time I used my tarp and bivy. At camp were two other guys, but not too long after I got there, they said that they were going back up the trail 1 mile to a different camp site. They said that the site we were at now had too many bugs. So, tonight I found myself camping alone. 

Word of Life Church to Peavine Creek

Miles Hiked: 21.7

Location: Latitude: 41.05996; Longitude: -121.78452

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