PCT Day 55... Will Hike for Food


Packing up camp took even less time than yesterday, thanks to not having any tent to pack away. I got out of camp in less than 20 minutes after getting up. I started today by climbing up to a ridge and hiking along it, passing a ski lift. 


Along the way, I met a couple of day hikers. It looked like a father and son.  They asked if I could take a photo of them. After asking my start point and my end point, they realized that I was a thru hiker and gave me a granola bar. Thanking them, I traversed a large bit of snow and continued along the trail. I saw quite a few day hikers, and realized that I must be pretty close to a major road. Soon, I came to Donner Pass. This pass is named after the Donner party, which was on its way to Oregon back in the old times.  Anyway, they got snowed in at the pass and after eating pretty much everything else, they engaged in some old fashioned cannibalism. 


On the other side of the pass, I met a group of older ladies who were out for a hike. They saw me from up the hill and called out to me asking if I was a thru hiker. I said yes, and in a few minutes, I caught up with them. One of the ladies offered me a snack, I thanked her for it and before I knew it, everyone else in the group gave me a snack as well. I was grateful for their generosity, and continued the hike.


To cross under the highway, there were two tunnels, normally they are dry, but with all the snow melt, there was a good 6 inches of water flowing. And so for the first time today, I got my feet wet.  Not much happened for the rest of the day. I hiked at a steady 3 miles an hour stopping for a 30 minute break for lunch at 12, after hiking 17 miles. I did run into 2 more patches of snow that got me temporarily turned around.

I reached the place I was planning on camping at 7 pm. After stopping to take a look, I decided from the amount of mosquitoes, that I would be better off hiking to the next site 2.5 miles further up the trail. I arrived there about 7:50.  I quickly set my stuff out to cowboy camp, and after a quick dinner, I hit the sack. As I laid down, the mosquitoes came out and I wished that I had set up my tent, but instead, I got out a bug head net. I attempted to type up the blog, but the bugs and tiredness got to me, and I stopped about half way through and decided to finish tomorrow night.


Tent site to Mules Ear Creek

Miles Hiked: 35.8

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