PCT Day 58... Across Town & Back Again


At some point during the night, a deer decided to come to hang around my campsite. I woke up several times to the sound of it walking next to my tent. I got up at 5:30 and was packed up in 20 minutes. Before leaving camp, I felt the urgent call of nature and grabbed my shovel to answer that call. I started hiking at 6 am and did not stop, but to fill up water, until 2 pm. 


The terrain was good and I hiked along at a steady pace. During this section, hiking has been from ridge to ridge. Today part of the trail went down to a canyon along the Middle Fork Feather River, where there was a super cool metal bridge across it. Going back uphill after the river, it turned hot and I sweated more than I have in a week.

I reached the road, where I could hitch into a town called Quincy, at 2 pm on the dot - 8 hours and 24 miles from where I started. It was not a busy road, so I had initially planned on going up to a busier road 4 miles away, but figured I would take a break and try to hitch before hiking further. I got lucky and a man who was heading into town to buy building supplies gave me a lift. He was in the process of finishing up a cabin he had been building for his kids and grandkids. He was a very nice guy and he dropped me off at the grocery store in town. 

After getting the food I needed for the trail, I also bought meat loaf and a salad for an early dinner. As I sat down outside the store, I met another hiker. Her name was For Free since she had been given all kinds of stuff for free including hotel rooms, food, and drinks. While we were talking, another hiker came over and gave us a box of pizza. She had been at a buffet and once the restaurant closed, the owner gave her a box of the left overs. I was extremely disappointed that I had spent $12 on dinner already.


After eating, I walked across the small town to the outdoors store. I planned on buying a new pair of shoes as my hiking shoes were rapidly falling apart.  It turned out they only sold bike shoes, but they were a Darn Tough exchange and I was able to replace a pair of my socks that had a hole in them. They told me of another store that may have shoes back by the grocery store, so back across town I went. They did not have the type of shoes I needed either, but they told me of a thrift store on the opposite side of town, so back I went. No luck there either. I gave my dad a call and I asked if he could ship a pair out to a town called Burney about 150 miles away. As I was on the phone, a lady called out as she was driving by and asked if I needed a ride back up to the trailhead. I was grateful for the ride, especial since I was worried about getting a ride back this late. 

It turned out that she took me to the place 4 miles up from where I hitched in. I did not realize it until she pulled over by the trailhead. I got back to the trail at 5:30. As I started up the trail, I met a lady named Sprout who was also thru hiking. We both planned on camping at the next campsite on the trail, so we hiked together.  She was when not hiking, a raft and backpacking guide. There was a trail register just up from the road and I saw that Oliver had been there at 9 am today. So now he is at least one full day ahead of me.

Once we got to camp, I set up my tent due to the bugs.  Since I had enough cell signal to text, I messaged my friend David, with whom I hiked most of the Appalachian Trail. He was stopped in Chester and would probably take a day off day there. Chester is my next resupply point, which I should hit in about 2 days or so. I hope to catch up with him really soon.

Tent site to tent site

Miles Hiked: 31.2

Location: Latitude: 39.91007; Longitude: -121.13066

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