PCT Day 57... Leapfrogging


Today was a good but quiet day. I woke up at 5:30 and was on the trail by 5:50. I hiked till 6:50 and set up camp.

Before noon. I had only seen 3 south bounders and I passed one lady who was going north. I found a place where I could stop for lunch that had phone signal and I sent in the blog for yesterday. While I was having lunch, the lady passed me. It turned out to be a longer than normal lunch break lasting almost an hour. Once I started hiking again, I again ran back into the lady who had stopped for her lunch break. I stopped to talk with her. It turns out she had thru hiked the PCT last summer and came back out here to do section of the trail again.


She told me about how when she was hiking in the Sierras last year, although it was a lower snow year compared with this year, it was early enough in the season for the snow to be a problem. She said that when she and her group had climbed over Forster Pass, which they did afternoon, the snow was so bad that they called it quits for the day on top of little rock island sticking out from the snow and cowboy camped until 2 am before trying to cross the snow again.


The rest of the day was spent hiking from ridge to ridge, not a huge amount of up or down and I made decent time. About 2.5 miles from where I planned on camping, I stopped to fill up water. I dropped my pack near two people who had set up camp near the side trail to the spring which according to the sign was 800 feet away. I took my water bottle and walked down. It was a very long 800 feet and once I had gotten back to my pack with a full water bottle, one of the guys told me that it had taken 10 minutes.


I got to the tent site which I planned on staying. At first I set up my tarp and planned on cowboy camping, but after I had finished dinner, the swarms of mosquitoes descended and I quickly pitched my tent.

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Tent site to tent site

Miles Hiked: 32

Location: Latitude: 39.77231; Longitude: -120.96147

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