PCT Day 56... Bad Dog, Good Dog

I forgot to take my watch off my wrist before falling asleep and I still had it on when my alarm went off at 5:30 am. The sound was muffled by my sleeping bag. I ended up sleeping right through it. Thankfully, the other people I had camped near, were up. At 5:40 I awoke to the sound of them packing up their gear. With the mosquitoes still swarming about, I made short work of it and was on the trail by 6:00 am.


I had to hike about 16 miles to get to the road that I planned to follow into Sierra City. Along the way, I clipped along at a good 3 mile an hour pace. The terrain was up and down hills, through wooded areas, reminding me of hiking on the Appalachian Trail. I saw a good number of weekend and section hikers out and as I got close to the road, a lady was walking with her dog, who fortunately was on a leash, barked and snarled at me. I continued and reached the road at 11:30. The town was only 1.5 miles down the road, so I started to walk and put my thumb out whenever I heard a car coming. Only 5 minutes in, a couple in a Jeep gave me a ride the rest of the way into town.

It was a very small town and they did not have great cell reception. I called my Dad and brothers who had just finished their backpacking trip at Philmont Scout Ranch and were on their way home. Our call kept dropping, so I bought food for the next few days, along with a burger, and walked up a little hill to get a better signal. I was able to call my Dad again.


As I was finishing up errands in town, I went to the public restrooms and ran into Lucky Hat. He had arrived in town yesterday and was waiting for his new tarp to come in the mail. He told me that Oliver was into town yesterday as well, after doing a 37 mile day. I was impressed. Lucky Hat had gotten the 1lb burger from the diner and he said it tasted great, but it did a number on his system.

As I was hitching my way back to the trail, a lady who was walking her dog along the road offered me a ride back to the trailhead. I gladly accepted. After taking off my pack and putting up my trekking pole, her dog did not mind me at all. She dropped me off at the trail at 1:10 and I began a long hike up the mountain.


While hiking uphill, I broke the 1,200 mile mark. Only 1,450 miles to go!

I ended up stopping at 6:00 pm, since I needed to finish writing the blog from yesterday and the next tent site was over 3 miles away. This time, I set up my tent, as I wanted a good night sleep without quite so many bugs.

Mules Ear Creek to tent site

Miles Hiked: 28.2

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