PCT Day 53... Desolation Wilderness


I had planned on sleeping in this morning, as I had not been able to go to bed until 10 pm the previous evening - the latest I have been up so far the summer. The plan did not hold up due to a combination of my alarm going off early and others making noise outside the room. I ended up getting up at 6:30 am. I took a shower and went to make some breakfast.  Yesterday, I bought half a dozen eggs and a loaf of French bread along with some butter to eat. 


When I had finished breakfast, I packed up my equipment and walked over to the Fed Ex store to ship back all my gear that I did not need. It turned that I had way more weight in my pack than I thought. The gear I was shipping home turned out to be about 10 lbs worth. Thanks to the weight and odd size of my ice axe it cost a very pretty penny to ship home. After paying for the shipping, I asked the clerk if she could split a 10, so I would have 2 dollars for the shuttle back to a place where I could hitch back to the trail. The lady behind me said that if I waited for her to make a few copies, she could give me a lift for free. 

Back where I was dropped off yesterday, I found a place to hitch and put out my thumb. It took about 30 minutes for me to get a ride to the trailhead. The couple that gave me a ride, had on their way into town, picked up another hiker. They were super nice and said that they pick up hikers all the time on their way in and out of town. They asked me, as a hiker, what would be good things that hikers would like besides just a ride into town. I said that fresh fruit and a cold drink were a safe bet. I realized how tired I was while in the car.


They dropped me off at the trailhead around 9 am and I began hiking north. My pack felt great being lighter than it ever had been before. However, as I hiked, I could feel the tiredness in my legs and it slowed me down. Today the trail led around a bunch of lakes, all of them more full than normal. The two notable ones were Lake Aloha and Echo Lake. 


The last part of the day, I hiked up and over Dick’s Pass. On the north side, it was covered in snow and I did a lot of sliding and a bit of glissading to get down--thankfully no unintentional sliding. I kept hiking until 6 pm, where I found a tent site, and set up. There were not too many mosquitoes, but the gnats were everywhere. After eating, I climbed into my tent. I did not hike as far as I wanted to go today, but hopefully after a goodnight’s rest, I can make up the miles. 

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Mellow Mountain Hostel to tent site

Miles Hiked: 20.7

Location: Latitude: 38.94242; Longitude: -120.15875

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