PCT Day 52... Gear Swap


Neither Oliver nor I slept very well last night. On a typical day this would mean slow going in the morning. However today, we had the motivation of getting to town to keep us moving, and we were able to push through the sleepiness. This was going to be no ordinary town visit.

As soon as we got out of the meadow where we had spent the night, we hit snow. It slowed us down a little, but we pushed through it and made it ten miles to the road by 10 am. It did not take us long at all to get a hitch into town. The guy who gave us a ride actually passed us, and then turned around and came back to pick us up. He dropped us off near the Big 5 Sporting Goods in South Lake Tahoe. Oliver and I went in since Oliver needed new shoes. He bought a pair of running shoes for $40. After that, we walked over to the McDonald’s.  On our way over, we joked that was where we would probably find Lucky Hat eating McDoubles. 

Funny enough, that is just where we found him. He, like usual, had just eaten 6 McDoubles. He had been in town for a while, and was about to hitch out of town back to the trail. Oliver and I bought food and hung out at McDonald's for an hour or so before walking to the grocery outlet that Lucky Hat had told us about. After buying food for the next few days, I was packing up my bag when a man named Rocky Flats came over, and we talked. He had hiked the PCT in 2004, CDT in 2003, and AT in 2002. We talked about the AT and shared stories from our hikes. It turned out that he, after finishing the PCT, came back to South Lake Tahoe and bought a house and has lived here ever since.

Oliver had met a lady who gave us a ride up to the post office about a mile and a half up the road. Oliver had mailed his desert equipment to himself and sent home all the gear he did not want anymore. I caught a bus up to where I was going to spend the night, while I waited for my backpack to come in. I ran and bought a larger water filter since the old one’s flow rate was so bad. As I was walking to the hostel, I got a message that my backpack had been delivered to the FedEx store, and so I was able to get my pack a day early. Since I had already paid for my room, I picked up my package and walked to the Hostel where, after the first shower I have had since Kennedy Meadows South, I did my laundry. 

While my laundry was going, I unpacked my equipment to separate all the gear I was going to mail home. I am going to send home an extra long sleeve shirt,  a bear can, an ice axe, micro spikes, long pants, an extra short sleeve shirt, and sun gloves.

After finishing my laundry, I went to Blue Dog Pizza for dinner. I would have gone to Base Camp Pizza, where they had live music, but the line was out the door.

Oliver is back on the trail. He got back on in the afternoon, and I hope to catch up to him in the next two days. I heard my friend David was on the trail today after taking an off day in Truckee, which is less than 100 miles ahead of me. David whose trail name was Plant, is now known as Nirvana. He hiked with me on the AT for 1,300 miles and is one of my oldest friends. He started the trail at the beginning of April.

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Tent site to Mellow Mountain Hostel

Miles Hiked: 10  

Location: Latitude: 38.95795; Longitude: -119.94513

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