PCT Day 49... Glissading Down 200 ft


The plan was to get hiking by 5:30 and do ten miles to Sonora Pass, where we could get a hitch to Kennedy Meadows North and resupply. The ten miles to the road were spectacular. Eight of them were along a ridge. We climbed up to the ridge on ice, and we went straight to the top instead of using switchbacks since the snow was very solid. It was awesome on top. Windy and cold, but awesome nonetheless.

We made good time on the ridge, only having to cross a few snowy sections. The descent was more interesting; we could either hike around this bowl of ice along the trail or glissade about 200 feet down and bushwhack from there. We choose glissading. Lucky Hat went first and he sped down the ice, not using his ice axe much to slow him. Next went Oliver. He used his axe a lot more, giving him a much slower slide. I went after him and was somewhere between Oliver and Lucky Hat in speed. It was a blast even though I got snow up the rainpants I was wearing.


When we got to the road, there were two people there already trying to hitch without any luck. It turned out there was a free shuttle at 10:30 so after about 30 minutes of waiting, we were able to get a ride to the Kennedy Meadows North Resort. It was a steep 30 min. drive down to the resort, and the first thing I did was to hit the restroom.


The resort was a cool place with a restaurant, cabins, campgrounds, store, and horseback riding. They had a place under a canopy for hikers to relax and a charging station hiker box. There were a couple of bear cans that people had left since they were no longer required on the trail. Oliver decided to take one of the bear cans since the one he had was his parents', and ship his parents' one home.

After buying food for the next three days, we joined Lucky Hat in the restaurant and had a hamburger. It was good. I got there just before it got busy and I felt sorry for the one waitress who had to take care of all the people. After lunch, Ari's friend Clacks came out and delivered her resupply. He was a super cool guy who hiked the PCT last year, and we hung out there until 3 pm.

Lucky Hat, Oliver, Ari, a guy named Sir Loin, and myself all piled into Clacks' Car and headed for the trail. Ari sat in front and the four of us squeezed into the back of his Toyota Corolla.


 Back on the trail, Clacks hiked out with us and we hiked from the pass. It was a lovely afternoon to be out for a hike. After an hour and a half, Clacks turned back to his car. We had a bit of cell service, and Ari stopped to make a call, so she told us to keep going. We went down into a valley and lost track of Lucky Hat who was ahead of Oliver and me. Oliver and I made camp around 7 pm.


We saw Ari as we were going to bed, she said she was going to hike a bit further. We have officially left the High Sierras, we are not out the Sierras completely--not till Sierra City.

Tent site to Carson River

Miles Hiked: 18.5

Location: Latitude: 38.39509; Longitude: -119.65381

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