PCT Day 48... 1000 Miles Complete!


Today we broke 1,000 miles on trail!

Today began with an uphill climb Ari hiked with us today, it was slow going a good amount of snow go slow us down and to keep us checking for the path. We hiked the around the edge of a few lakes where the water was so high that the trail was covered. As we were crossing some snow, Lucky Hat got hit by a tree which until that moment had been bent like a catapult stuck in the snow. It catapulted up and knocked him; he was okay. The tree must have been weighed down by the snow and frozen there. 6 miles in we had to cross Falls Creek, which was wide, deep, and fast-moving. We found a place where the creek divided into 3 parts and crossed there. Like when we crossed Bear Creek, the water felt like ice knives against our skin. It was almost like instant frostbite. The water was up past my waist, and once we were across there were quite a few swear words used to describe the river.


We hike the next .5 miles quickly to try to get the feeling back in our limbs and took a break in the sun to let our feet warm up. It was a slow uphill climb after that, and we went slower than normal. We climb up to Dorothy Lake Pass where there were a couple of beautiful lakes just before the pass. As we drew near the top, we saw clouds come over the mountains to our left and thought we might have to run. Thankfully it didn't rain. It was just pretty cloudy for the next few hours.


On the way down we did a lot of slipping and sliding, we had to cross a few more stream, so our feet stayed nice and wet.

Most of the way down we came across the 1,000-mile mark of the trail. And it was energizing. We hiked faster; at the bottom, we found trail magic. It turned out the Bright Side had hiked out to meet up with his friends and brought beer. Lucky Hat nor I had one, but Ari and Oliver did Lucky Hat did not want to carry out the empty can.


As we began the climb up the next set of mountains, there was a noticeable change in the surroundings the mountains looked different. It was an easy hike to where we set up camp and the last little bit was completely covered in snow, we set up where there were dry spots around some trees. I had bought more food than I usually do and gave some to Ari who was almost out, she was planning on getting to Sonora pass were the next resupply was today, but she slowed down her pace to hike with us.

Miles Hiked: 24.5

Location: Latitude: 38.24656; Longitude: -119.61031

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