PCT Day 47... Psych!


Today I woke up just a few minutes before my alarm went off and we packed up camp and hit the trail at 5:30 am. It was one pretty day on the trail; we spent the day climbing up and down mountains and crossing two passes. Around the passes were epic mountain lakes.


The day started with going uphill, literally. We made it to the first pass around 10:30 am it was a snowy ascent to the top, but not bad enough to put microspikes on. On top of the pass, Lucky Hat ran into one of the people he was hiking with before the Sierras. Her name is Ari - also known by her trail name, Psych. She hiked with us for the rest of the day. She and Lucky Hat caught up on what happened since they parted.

At the bottom of the pass, we took a break and had lunch. After lunch, we began the climb up the second pass. Again it was not bad; we passed a couple of awesome lakes. The descent was more interesting. We got to a point we were walking on snow against the edge of rocks with a steep short fall to a stream that was flowing very well. It took a good amount of time to get through it, and we went slow--kicking in our steps.

About 3 miles before we stopped for the day, we were about to cross a major creek we stopped to talk with some other hikers. As we got moving again, I felt pain in my knee. We were able to cross on a log and stopped on the other side for a break before finishing our hike.


After another climb and descent, we hit a very deep creek that we had to cross the plan was to camp on the other side. Oliver walked downstream and Lucky Hat up to see if there were any good places to ford. Lucky Hat came back first without any good news. A couple of minutes later Oliver came back soaking wet. He said that there was a good place to cross about a quarter of a mile downstream and he had slipped on a log on his way back. We all made it across with no problem


As we ate dinner, a deer came up to our camp and checked us out. It was not in the least frightened of us and stuck around till after I went to bed. It did not bother me since I was in a tent, but it did Ari and Lucky Hat who both were Cowboy camping.

Spiller Creek to Stubblefield Creek

Miles Hiked: 25.3

Location: Latitude: 38.05858 Longitude: -119.59242

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