PCT Day 46... Entering Yosemite National Park


We started later than normal, sleeping in till 5:30am, before getting packed up. The goal was to get to Toulomne meadows by 9 am since, if the store there is operating, that’s what time it would be open. We had two different people tell us it was open for the season and two others that said it was not. I am not sure when, but we had entered Yosemite National Park. I noticed a restoration sign with there name on it.


It was a very chilly morning. It seems that hiking next to a meadow makes it colder. The 10 miles to Toulomne Meadows were spectacular down in a valley on the edge of a meadow with a river running through it. Since it was pretty much all downhill, we moved very quickly although we did have to skirt quite a few mud patches.


It turned out that the store was not yet open for the season, so we had to hitch to the nearest town in order to buy the food that will get us to Sonora Pass, the next resupply point. We met a French man named Bright Side who was hitching in the same direction as us. He was injured and had been since before Mammoth. He had hitched his way around to keep up with the people he was hiking with. They had spent the previous day in Yosemite Valley, and he was now going north to meet them when they next resupplied.


It did not take us long to get a ride, and we, including Bright Side, piled in a pick up with a man and his dog. The dog ended up sitting on Oliver’s lap, and it was not a small dog. The ride down was amazing, and we were dropped off at a gas station where we could get food. Bright Side was able to get a ride further north with the man. I spotted an outlet next to a table and we plugged in our batteries before going and buying food.

After eating and getting the supplies we needed, we hitched out. It took a bit longer than the hitch in but we were able to get a ride. The lady who gave us a ride was visiting her friend who works in Yosemite Valley. About a mile from the gate we hit a line of cars and it took a good hour to get back in the park.

Back on the trail, you could tell it was Yosemite. It just had this look and feel to it.

We hiked along another meadow before hitting a beautiful waterfall. 6 miles from the end goal we hit a 2-mile long swarm of mosquitoes. Each time I looked down and saw them on my legs I would kill about 10 of the bastards and repeated it every 5 min. I must have killed at least 50 on my legs alone.


We had 3 stream crossings before we got to camp none of them that bad, but we had to get our feet wet.

We got to camp at 6:30pm and I worked to set my tent and eat quickly. There were not any swarms of bugs at camp, thankfully, but I could tell it was going to be a cold night.

Lyell Fork to Spiller creek

Miles Hiked: 25.3

Location: Latitude: 38.00791; Longitude: -119.39143

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