PCT Day 45... Sliding Down the Icy Slopes


We hiked out of camp at 5:30 am, it was another beautiful day to be out hiking. There must be a lot of people riding horses in the area because we saw quite a bit of horse poo while we were hiking in the valley. About 8 miles in, we went past the Agnew Meadow Trailhead. After using the pit toilets, we saw some cars pull up of day hikers. The gate must be open.

We climbed two passes today Island Pass and Donohue Pass. An enjoyable snow free miles lead up to Island Pass, and after a few miles in the snow, we made it to the top. You could walk right over the pass and not be able to tell where the top was. It was more like a hill than a pass. We took a break on top, the view from the top was not bad by any means, but it did not compare to some of the other passes we have hiked in the Sierras.


From there it was a short hike down before beginning the second pass of the day. There was a bunch more snow leading up to Donohue Pass, and since it was past noon the snow was fairly slushy. The best way to describe the climb is a long slushy slog. We reached the top at 3 pm. After a short break, we began the slide downhill. We followed the boot path down, and I spent a quarter of the time sliding down either on my feet like I was skiing or on my butt.


 When we reached the bottom, we saw where the trail was actually supposed to be, and we were very off. We looked for the closest campsite, after 30 more minutes of hiking we found a place to set up. A father and son shared the campsite with us, and they were starting on their John Muir Trail (JMT) hike. They were eager to hear about the condition of the trail going south. We had dinner at around 5:30pm, Lucky Hat packed a bag of broccoli out of town and had it for dinner. Soon after dinner, I hit the sack.


We saw a lot of JMT/section hikers today we saw more people on the trail today than we have in quite some time. Thanks to the discount grocery store, I was able to afford to add some meat to my diet beef jerky and salami. On the trail, it is really easy to go vegetarian because the meat is more expensive and less calorie-dense than a lot of other foods.


Campsite to Lyell Fork Creek

Miles 23.2

Location: Latitude: 37.62746; Longitude: -119.08759

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