PCT Day 14... The Lost Blog


This was a morning I was tempted to stay in my warm bag. Getting out is a lot like jumping into Barton Springs, you know it is going to hurt - but you have to work up enough gumption to make the first move. Well, I finally did get out, but afterwards it was still a slow process breaking camp. I was the first to get on the trail with Oliver not too far behind me.

Today's hiking was more of what I expected when coming out to the desert - hot and sunny. I made good time and enjoyed an hour long lunch break in the shade. I had cheese and crackers, a hearty trail lunch. Soon afterwards, I saw a baby rattlesnake. It was a tiny little thing and took its time to get off the trail.

PCT Day 14 Rattle Snake.jpg

 The last section of the day was through a valley with a sizable river running down. It was a great place to finish. I took advantage of the river; filled up on cold water, and before getting to the tent site, I soaked my swollen feet and ankles.

I arrived at camp around 6:30 and met a Canadian named James. James is a super nice guy.  He had started the PCT on May 5, but had to take 5 zero days in Idyllwild due to rain and snow storms. He came out here with the intention to hike the entire trail but may revise his plans as he is considering a job offer to clear a river up in Canada of an invasive species of bush. He said that he has not completely decided, but either way, there are no bad options.

The mosquitos were out tonight and they drove me into my tent as soon as I had finished dinner.

 Caribou Creek to tent site

 Miles: Hiked: 28.9

Location: Latitude: 34.32189; Longitude: -117.14632 

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