PCT Days Off... Back Home for Orientation at Texas A&M


I woke up to the sound of my alarm that I had forgotten to turn off. I was planning to sleep in, but my alarm woke me up at 5:30 am. For breakfast, Jeff cooked up some waffles, and before long the girls had to head out to school. They only have one more week of classes before they are out for the summer.

I took the time before my flight to make sure all my equipment was in order. I got my gear as clean as I could get it, and made sure all my documents for A&M were submitted and in order.

On our way to the airport, we must have hit every red light possible. But we still made in plenty of time, being TSA Pre-approved made it super easy to get through airport security since all I have is my backpack with a few things I am plan to change out Austin. It is a good thing for me, but really a blessing for those around me, that when you go through TSA precheck - you don't have to take off your shoes, because my shoes sure do smell.

The flight was only three hours long, but with the time difference, I landed in Austin at 5:40. On the way back to my house, we stopped by Academy so I could get a new pair of sunglasses, at the beginning of my trip, when it was all rainy, and I did not need to wear sunglasses, I put them in my hip belt pocket, and they got really scratched up.


My aunt and uncle were there when I got home.  My sister Bonnie and her husband Riley, and my grandparents all came to our house for dinner. Everyone except my sister Kate was there. She is working at Philmont Scout Ranch working as a Ranger. It was great to see everyone and dinner was fantastic. Max had cooked up some steaks on the grill.

I had to stay down at my grandparent's house since the moment I left for the trail Max moved into my old room. I will only have a few days from when I get off the trail to when I move in at Texas A&M.

Los Angeles, CA to Austin, TX to College Station, TX

Miles Hiked: Zero

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