PCT Day 17... Second Wind


Today I took it slow.  I was not in much of a hurry since I only planned to hike 14 miles. I have to take a short three-day break from the trail to attend new student conference at Texas A&M in College Station, Texas.  I tried to see if there was a way to get everything done while on the trail, but the only way to attend classes in the fall is to show up to the orientation in person.

I will be attending Texas A&M’s School of Architecture to study Construction Science. My Dad's Cousin Jeff (my first cousin once removed) lives about 2 hours away and he is going to pick me up tomorrow, drive me to his home to get cleaned up, and then take me to the airport the day after that. I will fly home, travel to College Station the next day for 2 full days of student conferences and in the evening of the second day fly back to LA.  I will be back on the trail the next morning.

Not having too many miles to travel, I planned on taking my time and relaxing. While enjoying a break Oliver came by hiking.  His plan was to hike to where the trail intersected with Hwy 2 and hitch into a town called Wrightwood to resupply and take a shower before hitching out to the trail later today. He and I have not showered in over a week so needless to say we both need it. While we were talking, I found out that Metric not only hiked out of Idyllwild the same day as we did, but was at least 10 miles ahead of us. Apparently, Metric had taken a different route out of Idyllwild, one with less snow, and put in 30 miles that day. Oliver and I had only managed 19 miles over the snowy pass.


I reached my intended destination for the night early in the afternoon at 1:30.  However, as it was still early and after careful consideration, a restroom break, and a restful nap - I decided to push the pickup point further down the trail. Feeling refreshed, I put in 9 more miles and the last two took me to 1 mile below the summit of Mt. Baden Powell. Mt. Baden Powell is named after the founder of the Boy Scouts.

I set up camp at 8,440 feet above sea level - high enough that there are large patches of snow all over.  For the third night in a row, I was the only one staying at the campsite. A combination of bugs and cold drove me into my tent at 7:30 pm.


Tent site to tent site

Miles Hiked: 23

Location: Latitude: 34.30261; Longitude: -117.55330 

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