PCT Day 36... Incredible Views Hiking Forester Pass


Today was a short day.  Our plan was to set up for getting into town to resupply tomorrow morning. We woke up at 3:30 am to hike over Forester Pass, which is the tallest point on the PCT. It was an icy 4 mile uphill trek to the pass. We hiked by the light of our headlights, until about 5:15 am when there was enough light to see. 

From a distance, the pass looked like it was a straight up to the top. When we got to the base of the pass, we could see there were switchbacks cut into the ice that lead to actual switch backs. As we climbed to the top, it was an incredible view. We could see where we came up and the valley we were about to hike down. We reached the top at 6:30 am and enjoyed the view for 30 minutes before starting our descent. The descent was enjoyable and about 30’ from the bottom we slid down with our ice axes to slow our decent. I saw Oliver do it and it looked fun, so I followed.


 It was about 5 miles from pass before we hiked out of the snow. All down the valley, we saw evidence of a powerful avalanche from April that ripped up trees and moved some massive rocks.


We took a long lunch break at a campsite a quarter of a mile from the end destination for the day. We hiked up to the Bullfrog Lake Trail head and could not find enough dry areas to camp. After some debate, we headed back down to where we had eaten lunch and set up camp there. It was only 2 pm and it felt great to relax. I sat and watched the clouds come over the mountains. 

Around 6 pm we made dinner and hit the sack

Tendyll Creek to camp site

Location: Latitude: 36.76519; Longitude: -118.41074

Miles Hiked: 13.8

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