PCT Day 32... Must be Summer


I slept in this morning till 6 am when my Indian alarm clock went off (I needed to get up to go to the bathroom). It took a little longer to pack up all my gear as I had to figure out how to get everything in my pack with my recent addition of extra food and the bear can. I ended up strapping the bear canister to the top of my pack and adding extra rope to make sure it did not go anywhere.

Thankfully, when they shut down the store, they left on the wifi and I was able to send out yesterday’s blog. By the time I was ready to hit the trail, most everyone was up and moving. Some of the group stayed a bit longer to eat a hot breakfast; while I started the hike back to the trail at about 7:50. It was slow going. I had not quite packed everything properly and needed to stop and repack my backpack twice to get it right. I also was pretty tired as I went to bed at 11 and got up at 6.

Our group plan was to hike 20 miles today, either individually or in small groups. We were to meet up at the camp site, since we did not have to worry about snow or river crossings.


I did not remember until I saw a guy hiking naked that today was the first day of summer.  It is a tradition to hike naked to celebrate the end of spring and coming of summer. However, it is an odd and not pleasant thing to be surprised hiking around a bend by a naked guy hiking toward you.

Around 3:00, I hiked to a wooden bridge crossing a stream. It was a fantastic place to take a break before the major 5 mile uphill climb to camp. At the crossing, both Breakaway and Speedy Gonzalez (or Speedy) were there. It was entertaining to watch all the mini-bears (chipmunks) running around trying to steal people’s food. Those things were not scared of us at all.

The last 5 miles were tough. We stopped to fill up water half a mile before the camp site and I saw two marmots running around.

We arrived at camp at 5:50 and quickly notice the large amount of mosquitoes that were going to be sharing our campsite that evening. While we were making dinner, Oliver hiked up. He had for a few miles taken part in National Hike Naked Day. Soon after eating, I climbed into my tent.  The site was at 10,069 feet and it was very cold.

Kennedy Meadows General Store to tent site

Miles Hiked: 20

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