PCT Day 31... Kennedy Meadows: the Gateway to the Sierras



Click below for a link to a radio broadcast that was posted and aired on a local Los Angeles NPR station Thursday afternoon. Matthew arrived on the same day this aired! Snow and high rivers will make this next section of the PCT extremely difficult.


Unlike yesterday, today was very eventful.  I woke up at 5:30 am and after packing up my equipment, began my downhill journey to Kennedy Meadows. It was an easy 15 mile hike. I only stopped to fill up water and arrived at the Kennedy Meadows General store at 11 am.

I broke the 700 mile mark today!


Kennedy Meadows General Store is an awesome place. As backpackers hike up, all the other hikers applaud you, congratulating you on completing the desert section and welcoming you to the Sierras. From showers to resupply, you can do it all at the General Store.

When I arrived, there were maybe 60 other hikers.  I went to find a flat spot to set up my tent and while I was setting up, I ran into Oliver.  He was sitting with Brake Away, Speedy Gonzalez, and Rooster. He had spent the last two days here and he and the group he was hiking with planned on heading out into the Sierras tomorrow. I also wanted to leave tomorrow as well and asked if I could join them and they said yes.

After setting up my tent, I went to resupply in the parking lot with 2 Foot Adventures. They are the same ultralight company that was at Warner Springs, back at the beginning of my adventure. I purchased a bear canister, as it is required to have in the Sierras. After that, I began walking down the road to Grumpy's - a restaurant that offers free laundry. I walked about halfway there, when I was able to catch a ride the remaining mile and a half to the restaurant. Grumpy's food was great! I got the grumpy burger and it came with everything including egg and avocado.  It was massive and tasty. While I was there, I took a shower in their outdoor shower house.


While I let my laundry air dry (since they did not have a dryer), I walked over to Triple Crown Outfitters, where I bought 5 days’ worth of food. There was intermittent wifi and while I was using it, my dad called. There is zero cell phone signal in the area. After finishing everything I needed to do, I headed back to the general store. This time I got a hitch with a guy who turned out to be Ninja Turtle's boyfriend. He had driven up to take Ninja Turtle off the trail for a couple days.

Back at the store, I relaxed with Oliver and the others in his group on the front porch. We strategized how we would do our next 6 days on the trail. I ended up having to buy another day’s worth of food. 

Around 8 pm, the people who ran the store showed a movie in the outdoor movie theatre. We watched Airplane. A great movie - one of my favorites. I finally hit the sack around 10 pm.

I have no idea if I will be able to post a blog until I get to the next town. There is a good chance that the regular postings will be delayed. So if there is a few days without blogs, it will be because I do not have any cell reception.

Tent site to Kennedy Meadows General Store

Miles Hiked: 15.4

Location: Latitude: 36.01962; Longitude: -118.12378

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