PCT Day 30... A Sweltering Day Hiking Mount Jenkins


I awoke earlier than normal to a beautiful sunrise. As I began the day, I hiked along the east side of Mount Jenkins, and within moments, I was sweating. The sun was already beating down. It was crazy, considering it was 5:30 in the morning.


It was another blistering day, with not much of a breeze to take the edge off the heat. I made good time all things considering and had hiked 15 miles by noon. After a lunch of cheese and crackers, I continued on.

When I took breaks, it was near water. That way I could drink as much as I wanted and just fill back up.

I got to camp around 6:45 pm after 12 hours of hiking. There was a couple there, they were talking amongst themselves, so besides saying hello, we did not talk. I cooked up my dinner and enjoyed the view from the site.

Overall--lots of hiking with not much else to report.

Tomorrow, I am going to reach Kennedy Meadows, which is the entry point of the high Sierra Mountains. I hope to run into Oliver there, but as of the last trail register, he is still two days ahead of me. The Sierras are going to be interesting, I am looking forward to the change in conditions. I am ready to be out of the desert.


Tent Site to Tent Site

30.3 miles

Location: Latitude: 35.89095; Longitude: -118.08502

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