PCT Day 27... The Forbidden Words

PCT-Day-27- Desert-View.jpg

While each day offers new experiences, some things are beginning to feel routine. Today began like so many other days, the rhythm of getting up, packing gear, and hiking out. It was an extremely pretty morning with the sun coming out over the mountains.

Today, there was a decent distance between water sources, a carry of 18 miles. I did not see many people while hiking, but I did see groups of hikers gathered at the springs filling up their water and resting. I filled up 4 liters, filtering two and using my Platypus bladder to hold the rest as a dirty water bag until I get a chance to filter.  It was another warm day and in no time, I had already drank a liter. 

When I took a short break, I refilled the bottle with water from the Platypus forgetting it was unfiltered. Only after drinking about half of it, did I realize my mistake. Well, we will see if I get Giardia or something, I sure hope not.

I received a message from Oliver. He is about 45 miles ahead of me, less than two full days of hiking.  I want to catch up, but the problem is he keeps hiking too. I hope it works out that I can meet up with him in Kennedy Meadows, just before the Sierras.


It was a pretty quiet day.  I hiked until 6:30 pm and with no one else around, I ate dinner, set up my tent, and sat down to write the blog.  I remembered a story that I forgot to write about from a few days ago.

Just before Hiker Town on day 23, I was camping with Band Aid and with the group he was hiking.  As we were talking one of them said "Miles" and Band Aid asked if he wanted to do 10 pushups or a minute of planking. I was very confused, and after seeing the look on my face, Band Aid explained. Their group was playing a game where each day they had a word, that if you said, it you had to plank or do pushups right where you were, no taking off your pack or anything. They agreed on a word the day before and as soon as they got up the game began. The next day’s word was "Water", now that would be a challenging word to avoid saying. The game is a good way to keep your upper body in shape since that is the part that does not get much use while hiking.

Tent site to tent site

28.8 miles

Location: Latitude: 35.44407; Longitude: -118.31442

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