PCT Day 26.... Errands Around Tehachapi


I woke up a few times throughout the night to the sounds of a train rumbling down the valley. Turned out my tent was not two blocks from the tracks and so I decided to sleep in today. Getting up at 7 am, I packed up my gear and walked across town to the laundromat.

When I got there I realized that I did not have enough small bills for my laundry, so I walked to McDonalds, bought breakfast and took the opportunity to break a twenty. After getting back to the laundry mat, I started the machine, relaxed, and called my parents.

My next stop was to Big Five Sporting Goods with a purchase of fuel and a new water filter. My last filter broke a couple days ago, so I have been using katadyn tablets to purify drinking water. I stopped by the grocery store to round out food I needed to get me to the next town.

With my business completed, I walked back to the main road, stuck out my thumb to see if I could catch a quick ride. I was able to catch a ride with a Lyft driver who was on his way to pick up someone else. I got back on the trail at 12:30 - in the middle of the heat, so I hiked until around 1:30 where I found a tree that provided a good amount of shade and took a 30 minute nap.

The rest of the day was hot, but uneventful. When I arrived at camp at 6:30, there was a couple others at the site. This tent site is near a bunch of wind turbines which kind of sound like a busy road. I had signal and was able to message my friend David, whom I had hiked much of the Appalachian Trail with a couple of years ago. His old trail name was Plant, but is now known as Nirvana, his new trail name.

Nirvana, had just hiked into Mammoth, which is about 300 miles further up the trail. He told me a little of what to expect in the Sierras. He said that melt is in full force across the mountains making everything seriously wet. So the main concern is the high water levels at creek and river crossings and soft snow across the passes. He said that the stream crossings are no joke, that he had a serious fall in Bear Creek that offered the “scare of a lifetime”. 

Makes me feel a little better about the ribbing I have been receiving about carrying my crampons and ice ax through the middle of the desert.

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Redhouse Barbecue to tent site

Miles Hiked: 20.7

Location: Latitude: 35.19593; Longitude: -118.23692 

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