PCT Day 24... An Early Start to Beat the Heat

PCT Day 22 Desert View.jpg

I awoke to the sound of Band Aid's alarm going off at 4:30.  I closed my eyes and managed to get a few more minutes of sleep before I started to pack up my equipment. I was the first to break camp at 5:30. The weather was sunny, but there was a good breeze keeping things to a reasonable temperature.

I hiked from 5:30 to 11:50 this morning only taking one break to fill up water. I got to my midway point for the day - a place called Hiker Town. Hiker Town is another place like Casa de Luna and Hiker Heaven. Here, a couple had basically donated the use of their land and water to hikers passing through. However, the owner had also built an extra building for hikers to spend the night. In front of this house, there was a shaded picnic table with outlets nearby where most of the hikers were hanging out. When I arrived, there were only about eight other hikers including the group I ran into at the gas station a few days ago.

The first thing I did when I arrived was to pick up a resupply package that my parents had mailed.  Afterwards, I headed over to the solar showers and it felt great to be clean again. They also had a bucket for hand washing your laundry and I took full advantage. The water coming off my shirt and pants was definitely not clear.


After cleaning up, I relaxed and was just hanging out when I met a guy who had left Casa de Luna the same day I had, but had gotten to Hiker Town a day and a half ago. He had bought an off road scooter, had it delivered to Casa De Luna, and used it to ride on the roads from there to Hiker Town. The off road scooter looks like a classic razor scooter with beefed up wheels. Kinda cheating, but one way to beat the heat.

The owner gave me a ride to a gas station/diner where I ordered a hamburger. It was one good burger!  On the way back, I learned that he had been the town mayor previously for five years. After finishing, I began to pack up and fill up my water. It was 4:30 pm as I hiked out of Hiker Town.

The last section of the day follows the LA Aqueduct on dirt roads for about 26 miles. I only hiked 12 miles of that this evening.  On the road, it is extremely flat hiking and I made good time.  The temperature was comfortable and I barely broke a sweat. I kept hiking until 8:45 this evening when I found a good place off the road to set up my tent for the night.

Tent site to tent site

Location: Latitude: 34.85300; Longitude: -118.47856

 Miles Hiked: 27.3

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