PCT Day 22... Don't forget to pack your Hawaiian shirt


As soon as I got out of my tent, I could tell it was going to be another hot day. I had set up camp at the top of the mountain the night before, so it was downhill for the first couple of hours.

A couple of hours in, I got to a point where the trail intersects with a paved road. I saw a sign for trail magic at the parking lot, so I went over. The man who was there was giving out ice-cold Gatorade with cups of ice to pour it into, it was fantastic to have a cold beverage, and he made sure I took one for the road.

Some clouds helped to keep things at a reasonable temperature but they burned off around 10 a.m. After that, the next 3 hours of hiking were brutal. I took a couple of small breaks when I could find some shade.

I hiked a mile and a half off the trail to a town called Green Valley where I needed to buy food for the day. On the road walk in, I ran into a crew working on a telephone line. One of the guys who was directing traffic offered me cold water out of there cooler which I gladly accepted. By the time I reached the second man directing traffic, he also offered me some water.


I got to the store around 2 p.m. The store was just a large convenience store with a couple of covered chairs and a table. The first thing I got was a cold Powerade. After that, I sat down and figured out what I needed to buy. As I was doing that, the group of hikers that I ran into at Lake Silverwood came walking up. The guy who had recognized me from the AT had figured out why. We had stayed in a shelter together when my brother Max and I were hiking together, in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It was crazy, but he was right. We had taken a photo. It was one of the only group photos that I took the entire trip.

We sat outside the gas station eating. They had all gotten a frozen burrito called, “The Bomb” (the store had a microwave to heat it). The said it was good; so I got one myself. They were pretty good; it was spicy going down and have a feeling it will be on its exit as well.

Afterward, we walked to a place similar to Hiker Heaven. This place was called Casa De Luna. It was pretty cool. They have a list of rules to follow, and one of them was that you have to be wearing one of the Hawaii shirts they gave you to wear. While I was there, I met Day Man. He had lost his sleeping bag when it slipped off the side of Mount Baden-Powell. He had hiked at night and slept during the day until he got a new sleeping bag in the mail at Agua Dulce the previous day. The place was a very laid back place. I relaxed and recharged my phone until 6 p.m when I caught a ride back to the trail.

I did not plan on night hiking. I was still feeling tired from last night, so I hiked for an hour and a half and found a place to pitch my tent. I did not hike as far as I wanted; which was okay due to the heat out here. It is supposed to cool down after tomorrow and get back to a reasonable temperature again.

Tent Site to Tent Site

Miles Hiked: 18.6

Location: Latitude: 34.64850; Longitude: -118.41724 

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