PCT Day 20... Not a Cloud in the Sky


I was the first to hike out camp this morning around 6:15.  There was only one other person moving about as I left.


Today was one of those days full of steep uphill and then steep downhill sections. There was not a cloud in the sky all day long. I hiked for about 8 miles and planned on filling up my water in a spring that was marked on the map. However, I ended up walking right past it without noticing.  Apparently, it flowing up the hill about a tenth of a mile, but not by the trail. By the time I realized my mistake, I was 2 miles beyond the spring. I only had about half a liter of water for 6 miles (or for two hours of hiking). I was fairly dehydrated by the time I reached the fire station, which was the next location that had water.

There was a single picnic table nearby, but it was completely in the sun.  I decided to take a break and sat in the only shade.  This shade was cast by the pit toilet. So, there I sat and ate my lunch of cheese, crackers and pepperoni.  After I finished my lunch, I walked over to the table and found a trail register for hikers to sign. I looked through it and saw that Black-Squach had signed in earlier today.

I did not see anyone on the trail after I started hiking again. I was surprised, but it was Sunday afternoon, so I guess that most weekend hikers had returned home. The sun beat down and there was no breeze, I sweated a lot.


I hiked into camp at 7:10, the North Fork Ranger Station. There was no one there, but they did have potable water and a couple of tent pads. I was planning to try cowboy camping, but there were too many bugs, so I set up my tent without the rainfly and used the bugscreen for protection. Just before sitting down to cook, I saw my first deer of the trek.

Sulphur Springs to North Fork Ranger Station.

Miles Hiked: 29.4

Location: Latitude: 34.38769; Longitude: -118.25267 

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